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Great data, great insights, great decisions

Your website can track data that is vital to your marketing campaign. If you have your Google Analytics and Google Search Console set up on your website, we can find meaningful insights and make smart decisions based on this data. If you need to set this up or are not tracking your website correctly, our data experts will help you here as well. 

Our first phase for collecting great data is understanding what metrics are important to your business. We have a discussion based on your current website to understand your goals. If you are a SaaS company wanting to track more signups, this will guide our event tracking and conversion tracking differently than an e-commerce store. Understanding these micro-conversions help us understand customer behavior and opportunities for improvement.  

If you already have data tracking on your website, our data experts will make sure that everything is working and tracking correctly. If you do not have data tracking setup, our data consultants will setup proper tracking. We pull data from multiple sources and tools such as : Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SEMRush, Ahrefs, ScreamingFrog and DeepCrawl. By utilizing these different data tools, we can better understand the big picture. This audit helps us find gaps in your data tracking that you may be missing. Finally, we pull together custom reports using Google Data Studio. This helps visualize your data to easily understand.

Using data reporting software and Google Data Studio helps us to understand the campaigns success based on your KPIs. We can track keywords movement, events, conversions, and ROIs. These monthly reports serve a purpose and are intentionally created to discover new insights that drive future marketing plans. Its important to track data, but taking ACTION is even more important.

Data is only as good as the insightful action taken from it. After auditing, setup, and reporting is complete, and enough time has passed to draw understand the data, its time for implementation. Based on patterns and insights from previous reports, we build out specific actions that will help you move faster towards your goals. These actions are placed into your campaign as tasks to be completed by our team. 

Data across multiple platforms

Google Analytics Consultants
Google Tag Manager consultants and experts
Google Search Console consultants and experts
Facebook Pixel consultants and experts
Deep Crawl experts
Google Data Studio consultants and experts

Why Use Our Analytics Consultants?

Google Analytics Experts

Our google analytics and google ads specialists have worked with hundreds of websites, giving them extensive experience in many multiple industries. Let our experts create custom google analytics reports and form impactful insights from your data.

Google Search Console Professionals

SEO is our bread and butter, so we have become experts working with Google Search Console. We can help fix technical issues with Google indexing, Robots.txt, sitemaps, and advanced GSC techniques. 


Google Tag Manager Help

Tracking user behavior is critical to understanding user experience and lost conversions. Our Google Tag Manager experts will determine which events should be tracked and which tags should be implemented. This keeps all your tracking tags in one  place to save time and money.   

Google Data Studio & Custom Reports

 We get it, nobody wants to go through thousands of spreadsheet data cells. Understanding your data in an easily digestible format is necessary for CEOs and marketers. Using GDS and custom reporting software, we will create data visual representations that can be quickly and easily understood.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you already have an analytics account, our developers will need access to implement code to your website. If not, we can setup your google analytics account for you. The essential code you need involves setting up google analytics, google search console and google tag manager. If you are planning to do social media marketing, we install Facebook pixel to your website as well. We generally always install this because you can collect important data that can be used for future retargeting on Facebook and Instagram. 

Installing the necessary analytics varies based on the type of website and size. An ecommerce website tracking a customer journey is different than a service-based industry tracking phone calls. This is because it takes longer to implement conversion tracking for ecommerce websites. We charge by the hour and bill you accordingly.

We use the traditional Google tools to measure website - Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager and Google Data Studio. These tools are flexible and free. 

Different clients require different types of reporting and we have a few types of reports. We generally send small weekly keyword reports. These reports have increases in keyword rank and website traffic. We also have monthly reports created with Google Data Studio. These reports are more in-depth and we take action-item notes. These notes are added to the campaign each month. Weather you are a marketing director or business owner, the reports are  understandable and presentable to your audience.

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