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Local and National SEO Services

When it comes to SEO, there are hundreds of things that go into making a campaign a success. Trying to do this on your own can be a daunting task. Your best option is to find the right company to do SEO work for you. At AZ Web Consultants, we created a process that can be tailored to any SEO campaign. This allows us to provide deliverables to you quickly and transparently, while allowing you to focus on your business. 

Recent Client Results

Below are actual screenshots taken from our client’s data. The screenshots show increased keyword rankings, SERP visibility, and traffic.


The process...

When it comes to planning out your projects campaign, we like to breakdown SEO into different stages. Most projects and new websites need all of our stages for a successful SEO campaign, but your may only need 1 or 2. Based on your project budget, goals, and timeline, we tailor the campaign to fit your needs

Not directly necessary for SEO success, but can provide tremendous insight into the competitive landscape

  • Understanding those having success helps refine our strategy on what the algorithm is ranking at the Keyword Level
  • Timeline, aggressiveness and expectations can be determined based on your competition
  • We use SEMrush and Ahrefs (SEO tools) to provide reports that help demonstrate “gaps” between keyword visibility on competing websites
  • Competitive analysis helps us determine how much content and backlinks need to be created each month and can help adjust our strategy accordingly

Technical SEO Audit

  • Get access to client's Google Search Console, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager and create an initial report
  • Crawl the website using Screaming Frog (SEO Tool)
  • Review any errors (status codes, URL structure, improper headings & sub-headings, etc.)
  • Based on these errors, we create a plan to fix all of them

Website Quality Audit

What is a Website Quality Audit?

  • Search engines send traffic to websites they deem "high quality"
  • "Quality" sites are coded and structured to Google's webmaster guidelines
  • Popular websites that have been "mentioned"
  • Sites satisfy "searcher intent" through relevant and quality content

Why does a website quality audit matter?

  • Having low-quality pages, content, poor structure and lack of web mentions causes google lost trust in the website and crawl, index, and rank it less
  • We can assess the quality of websites by looking at a number of different inputs, inbound links, titles, content depth, etc
  • It scrapes all URLs on websites and crosswalks against vital SEO data sources. Allows to make decisions about the value of every page on the website and what action to take

How does a website quality audit help?

  • Gets full crawl (i.e. list) of every page on your website
  • Crosswalks each page on the website with vital SEO data
  • Analyzes performance of each page on your websites (in regards to "quality")
  • Most importantly, helps make a decision about what to do with every page on site
  • These actions help clean up ('prune") low value pages
  • Adds SEO directives (noindex, canonical, etc)

Keywords are essential to any SEO campaign and they determine how your customers will find you

  • We find the primary and secondary keywords for every page on your website that is compared to your competitors
  • We do keyword research for existing pages and develop a plan to optimize these pages

On-page SEO Improvements

  • After keyword research is complete, we outline the exact changes to make to target pages on your website
  • Pages are determined based on how well they are performing and potential for improvement
  • Our team of SEO writers will make these changes for you

Keyword Gap-Analysis

  • We look at the top websites in your industry and find the most valuable keywords
  • Using this data, we also develop a plan for creating new pages on your website

SEO Content Strategy

  • Using the keyword research from the previous steps, we create content based on "intent" that map to different stages in the sales funnel
  • Top of funnel keywords are used to create blog posts and awareness about your business
  • New landing pages are created based on the bottom of funnel keywords
  • These pages are designed for higher conversions and click-through rate
  • We create topics and a timeline to release consistent content over the course of your SEO campaign
  • We have the ability to make all the adjustments write all the content if you need us to

Lisa Tichavsky

They are skilled at explaining things in a language we (non-technical people) can understand. All of our communications were answered promptly and they took the time to really listen to what we wanted for our company and then suggest a plan of action. All work was completed as scheduled and we are now tracking results. It was refreshing to feel we have a partner in accomplishing our company’s SEO goals. Truly a professional company that has been a joy to work with! I would definitely recommend them to other companies who need help with their SEO.

Why work with us?

SEO reporting and transparency.

Weekly and monthly reports highlighting your website rank, increased traffic and many other metrics. Everything we do is shared with you and tracked in a Google Sheets document available to you at any time.

Proven track record.

Each client that our SEO experts have worked with, has increased their websites ranking and organic traffic. Though SEO is not always guaranteed, we have a track record of impacting businesses that use our SEO services. We only use white-hat SEO tactics and it has worked out well for all our clients. You can look at Google, Upwork, and Thumbtack reviews to see what our clients have to say.


We are a small agency.

People say “big thngs come in small packages” and that rings true for AZ Web Consultants. Since we are a small team, you will be dealing with the same points of contact from beginning to end. We value communication and keeping things consistent, thus you will not be handed off elsewhere to deal with other “departments”. Relationships are built over time, and we hope to build one with you for years after the project’s completion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. This is the process for increasing your website's quality in the eyes of Google's ever changing algorithm. The result of this, is increasing your SERPs (search engine results page) and getting more organic traffic. There are many tasks that go into this process because Google is smart and won't let any 'ol website get to the 1st-page without proper credibility. The main "buckets" that go into this process are technical SEO, high-quality content creation based around keywords relevant to your business, link-building from authoritative websites and user-experience. Google is a constantly evolving entity and SEO is never-ending, but we build websites using "white-hat" techniques which Google likes because it is organic and natural. This gives us the best chance to survive future changes to this algorithm.

The short answer is YES - SEO is great for any type of business. SEO is a long-term strategy that places your business in the best position to gain organic traffic, meaning traffic you don't have to pay for. If you are a small business contemplating if SEO is the right choice, think how much you will save in the long-run if you started an SEO plan now vs using PPC (pay-per-click) ads. Though you might get results quickly with PPC, this will lead to your business "bleeding" cash. PPC is a bidding war between different businesses and unless you have the funds to compete with the giants, it will always be a losing battle as bid prices continue to increase every year. Where you can compete is focusing on your local SEO and niche. Good SEO also involves good user experience, and good user experience leads to higher conversion rates. That being said, if you do decide to use PPC, you will be in a great position based on an already well-designed website. We also offer PPC services and landing pages creation which can be helpful in the beginning of an SEO campaign to supplement the time it takes for SEO to kick-in.

Results is a relative term depending on your goals. Are you looking for more brand awareness and traffic? Or are you looking for a higher conversion rate? We can probably say your looking for a little of both. Your current rank, your industry and the competitive landscape are all factors that determine the timeline before seeing results. For example, a local roofer in a small town with little competition can get 1st-page results within 60 days.  But a roofer located in Dallas Texas, where hurricanes destroy the roofs on homes yearly, there's a huge market, there are hundreds of roofing companies and every roof company in the Dallas Metro area is doing SEO, can take 12 months to get to the 1st page. Each campaign is different, and we can offer you high-level SEO audit for free. We'll tell you where you currently are and what it will take to reach your goals.

SEO has many moving pieces and tasks. We outlined our process above and each of those pieces have multiple sub-processes as well. The main points to note are that we will help strategize the best content for "top funnel", "mid funnel", and "bottom funnel" keywords but we do not write the actual content. If you have a writer, we will work with them to strategize the content accordingly. You can also use our partners to write content for an additional fee per content piece whom we can manage for you. We highly suggest you write your content in-house as no one knows your industry better than you. We also do not pay for links. We only do outreach and find new "link opportunities". Many high-authority websites and bloggers require some form of payment to get a "do-follow" link back to your website. This fee can cost anywhere from $25-$400 and we recommend saving a budget for this expense during the campaign.

We don't just pull numbers out of a hat. We understand the digital landscape and how it can be hard to trust the right company. This is why our core value is transparency with our clients and our work. You will have access to everything from the tasks we are doing, down to the exact hours necessary. This is all tracked in your own client workbook and is updated regularly. We charge a monthly fee for our services. The fee is determined by the number of hours required for that month and our hourly rate. If more work is needed, we simply email you to get approval before moving forward. The fee is due at the beginning of each month. We offer different payment options to accommodate whichever works best for you.



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